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Free Shipping on All Orders over £50 - UK Mainland only
Free Shipping on All Orders over £50 - UK Mainland only

Important Instructions

Our headbands are machine washable! This is important to do from time to time to keep it clean and prevent stretching.

  • Remove the speakers through the hook and loop opening located in the back of the headband before washing.

  • Machine wash warm. Tumble dry medium. Do not iron, bleach, or dry clean. Avoid fabric softener which reduces wicking.

  • Insert the speakers when the band is dry (right speaker has red stitching and the left speaker has green stitching, gray side should be against your ears) then insert the gray square before closing the hook and loop.

Lastly, adjust to fit


Prolong the Life of Your Purchase:

• Grasp and pull on the plug and not the cord.

• Allow the headband to fully dry before placing components back inside.

• Do not keep components in a wet, oily, or dirty headband.

• Avoid excessive bending near the speaker plug area.

• Keep the wires free of tangles or knots.


For SleepPhones Wireless:

We recommend that when charging only use the USB cable supplied with your Sleepphones.

Other USB cables may cause problems with charging and damage the mini USB connection on the module

Please be careful when plugging the Micro­USB charging cable and speakers into the Bluetooth® module. You will notice the plugs on the charging cable and speakers have a wider part with two little prongs sticking out of the surface, this is the top. The top should be facing you when plugging into the module. The top of the module will have the buttons and the word "AcousticSheep" visible. The buttons and "AcousticSheep" should be facing you when plugging in the charging cable and speakers. Failure to do so could damage the inside of the module causing charging issues or sound issues.

Quick start in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian - PDF 1mb

Full instructions with illustrations in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian - PDF 0.5mb


For SleepPhones & RunPhones Classic:

English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish instructions on one sheet - PDF 2.6mb









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